This is a quick setup guide for Mi laser projector, showing you the most straightforward way to get the Mi laser projector ready and start a wonderful viewing experience.

Steps to Setup Mi Laser Projector

1.Pairing the Remote with Mi Laser Projector

  • Ensure that the batteries are installed properly. If there is an insulating label in the battery compartment, please remove it.
  • Pairing the Bluetooth Remote

Press and hold the return button on the remote and meanwhile press the button at the bottom right corner of Mi laser Projector. Release after you hear a ‘beep’. It means that they are pairing with each other. Wait nearby until the process is completed.

  • Once the remote is paired, you can now use the remote from any angle nearby.

2.Auto Focus

Go to the Image Adjustment Menu in the System Settings to adjust the focus.

3.Keystone Correction

Follow the interface guide to set keystone correction until the image is perfectly square.

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