TMY projectors support four kinds of projection modes, including front, rear, front ceiling, and rear ceiling. This article will introduce the different projection modes in detail.


Front projection is the common projection mode for most projector users.

  • Place the TMY projector on a table or cabinet.
  • Hang the screen on the wall or stand ahead of the TMY projector.
  • Adjust the distance between the lens of the TMY projector and screen.
  • Turn on the projector.
  • Adjust the focus knob to make the image clear; Adjust the keystone knob to make the image rectangular.
  • Add a holder or stand on the projector if the image is lower than the screen.


  • If you want a rear setup, you need to have a special screen for rear projection.
  • Then, select the corresponding projection mode on the projector.
  • The detailed image adjustment method is the same as the Front mode.


  • If you want a ceiling setup, you need to get a ceiling mount kit with M6 Screw and mount the TMY projector on the ceiling.
  • Then, select the projection mode as ceiling mode, front rearing, or rear ceiling.
  • The detailed image adjustment method is the same as the Front mode.

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