While using Mi laser projector, to follow some simple maintenance tips can help to prolong the lifespan of the projector. As we all know, electronic products are delicate, requiring us pay more attention in maintaining them.

Cooling System Maintenance

Leave enough space around Mi laser projector, do not let any item to block the air outlet and air inlet, because this will directly obstruct the working of cooling system. The best way to maintain the cooling system is to leave at least a 19.7-inch distance away from the air vent of Mi laser projector, creating enough space for the cooling system to dissipate the generated heat.

cooling system

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ensure that the projector’s whole surface and especially the lens would be regularly cleaned. You can use the cleaning cloth that comes with the product or get another soft cleaning cloth yourself, just avoid using abrasive one. Plus, be careful about the solvent you choose, you wouldn’t want to produce any scratches on the lens. Because that would cause a blurred image, badly affecting the viewing experience.


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