A very important parameter that many people tend to ignore when buying a projector is the throw ratio. The throw ratio directly affects the size of the picture projected from the distance from the throw wall or the screen.

First of all, let’s get to know the concept of throw ratio: the throw ratio refers to the ratio between the throw distance and the projected screen width. The smaller the ratio, the larger the projected screen width. Throw ratio = throw distance/screen width.

Therefore, in the projector world, we call the throw ratio less than 1 as a short-throw projector, and when the throw ratio is less than 0.6, it is called an ultra-short-throw projector. The smaller the throw ratio, the better! The smaller the throw ratio, the shorter the distance between the lens and the throw wall (screen), and the larger the projected picture.

Long Throw Ratio vs Short Throw Ratio - Which is Better?

At present, there are basically long throw ratio projectors on the market. Compared with short-throw projectors, long-throw projectors are cheaper in price, and they are also very convenient to use. They support various throw methods such as side throw; while short-throw projectors only support front projection.

So far, the common throw ratio in the projector market is 1.2:1, which is suitable for most families; if you want to project a 100-inch picture, you need to be about 2.6m away from the wall to project it. 100 inch screen. (2 meters is about 80 inches, 4 meters is about 150 inches) The optimal throw size is 80-150 inches, and the corresponding “throw distance” is 2-4 meters. If you want to know what is the accurate screen size of your projector, or how far you should place your projector from the wall, you can refer to Projector Calculator for help.

If the throw distance is too close or too far, the brightness of the screen may be too bright or too dark, so it needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation in actual use.

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