ViewSonic Introduced Smart Portable LED Projector: ViewSonic X11-4K. The ViewSonic X11- 4K UHD Portable Projector is lightweight and portable, with HDR/HLG support and advanced 3rd generation LED technology.

ViewSonic X11-4K features true 4K UHD resolution, cinematic colours that cover 125 percent of Rec.709,  thanks to 2,400 lumens of brightness, it is able to offer incredible image quality and bring viewers every color details that meant to be seen.

It has exceptional sound quality thanks to 16W Harman Kardon integrated speakers with customised tweeters and hoopers.The projector is easy to set up and comes with features like instant autofocus, H/V keystone, and four corner adjustments for side projection. The projector is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, mercury-free, and has a longer life span thanks to 3rd generation LED technology.

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