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How to Connect Dangbei Mars Pro Projector to Wi-Fi?

Connecting Dangbei Mars Pro projector to Wi-Fi can be simple. Following these two methods, you can easily connect Dangbei Mars Pro to the network. You

KODAK LUMA 150 vs Emotn C1
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KODAK LUMA 150 vs Emotn C1: Which One Should You Buy?

KODAK LUMA 150 and Emotn C1 are both projectors using LED as the light source. What are the differences between them? Which is better? The

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What Does LCD Mean in LCD Projectors?

At present, projectors for home use are basically divided into 3 types: DLP projectors, Laser projectors and LCD projectors. Here we are going to discuss

How to Fix It If QKK Projector Remote Control Doesn’t Work
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How to Fix It If QKK Projector Remote Control Doesn’t Work?

QKK projectors are popular in the US. Many projector users wonder that how to fix it if the remote control doesn’t work. Here is the

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New Release: Christie M 4K25 RGB

Christie M 4K25 RGB is a new release of Christie best-selling M series. It is a fully omnidirectional 3DLP RGB pure laser projector, whose weight

Xiaomi WANBO X1 LCD Projector REVIEW
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Xiaomi WANBO X1 LCD Projector REVIEW

Wanbo X1 Projector has 720p native resolution, but when you connect it to another device, in my case, it was a laptop, we see 1080P 60Hz resolution.

WEBOX T1 LCD Projector
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Togic Release WEBOX T1 LCD Projector

Togic WEBOX T1 projector has the real physical resolution of real 1080P.

BlitzWolf Projector
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BlitzWolf Projector BW-VP13

BlitzWolf Projector BW-VP13 The projection size can be from 50-220″, with the required distance being from 1.5 to 5 meters. The maximum brightness reaches 6000 Lumens

ONLENY Projector
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ONLENY X1 Mini Portable Projector

ONLENY X1 Projector Features,Resolution: 1280*720 physical resolution, up to 1080P decoding…