On July 20th, JMGO, a prominent brand in the projector industry, announced the launch of its latest addition to the N series – the JMGO N1 Air projector. This cutting-edge product features a tri-color laser turret design, is equipped with a flagship chip, and supports Danaher audio and high contrast. While the detailed specifications and configurations of the JMGO N1 Air have not been officially disclosed yet, based on JMGO’s naming conventions, it is anticipated that this projector is a more streamlined version of the JMGO N1, with some performance aspects being simplified.

The JMGO N1 Air boasts a compact and lightweight design, featuring a turret design that allows for free adjustment of up to 127° vertically. On the audio and visual front, it supports HDR10+ display with a contrast ratio of 1600:1, promising brilliant and lifelike visuals. The projector is equipped with a 370CC large sound cavity, providing a low-frequency dive of 55Hz, and supports Danaher audio effects as well as Dolby & DTS decoding, ensuring an immersive audio experience. The JMGO N1 Air is powered by the MT9671 chip and a 0.33″ DMD display chip, boasting a storage combination of 3GB+32GB, and comes with an HDMI 2.1 interface, supporting 4K 120Hz input for smooth and high-quality content projection.

While the configuration of the JMGO N1 Air is expected to be similar to that of the JMGO N1, the use of a 0.23″ DMD chip may lead to slightly reduced image clarity, resulting in a physical resolution of 480P. Compared to other N series projectors that utilize a 0.33″ DMD chip, there might be some differences in picture quality.

As for other configuration performances, specific details are not currently available. A comprehensive comparison will have to wait until the JMGO N1 Air is officially launched. However, JMGO’s projectors, including the JMGO N1, have been well-regarded for their innovation and quality. Any potential improvements or updates in the JMGO N1 Air will be eagerly anticipated by consumers and the industry alike. We will keep a close eye on any further announcements from JMGO regarding the JMGO N1 Air projector.