You can update the firmware online, or by USB device and check the version number of ViewSonic X1 Projector.
NOTE: Do not unplug the power cord, USB device or disconnect from the Internet during the upgrade process.

  1. Make sure that the projector is connected to the Internet.
  2. Go to Application > UPDATE from homepage.

Firmware update online

  1. Go to Application > UPDATE > Online update.
    NOTE: Auto download is enabled by default for online upgrade. When enabled, if the system detects a newer version, it will automatically download the software in the background.
  1. Select Online update and press ENTER/OK.
  2. The system will check the ViewSonic website (OTA) and display below dialog message if there is a newer firmware.
  1. After selecting Download, a progress bar will appear as the download process begins.
  2. Upon reaching 100%, the following message will appear. Select Update Right Now.

6.The Strat OTA update dialog message will appear.

  1. Select Update and the projector will restart the screen will turn black for a few minutes. The update process takes about 5 to 10 minutes. When finished, it will take a few minutes to restart the projector.

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