Setting up your new ANKER Nebula Astro projector can be very easy, only takes you three steps to get the device ready.

Nebula Astro Projector8

1. Placement
Place Nebula Astro on a stable, flat surface in front of the projection surface. For the best results, the projection surface should be white and flat. The distance between Nebula Astro and the projection surface must be a minimum of 0.58 meters (23 inches) and a maximum of 3.08 meters (121 inches) to get a projection image between 20 and 100 inches.

2. Prepare the Remote Control

The remote control comes with two AAA batteries.

① Slide down to open the battery compartment.

② To replace the batteries, slide to open the battery compartment, insert new batteries (matching the polarity (+/-) indicated), and close the battery compartment.

3. Get Started
① For first-time use, fully charge the built-in battery using the provided cable and adapter.

② Hold for 2 seconds on the projector to turn it on.

③ Turn the device towards a suitable projection surface or wall.

④ Rotate the knob to adjust the focus.

⑤ For first-time use, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the basic setup.

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