This writting is about how to fix it when the image of Acer HE-4K15 Projector is reversed.


According to the different installation methods, projectors can be divided into table front projection, ceiling front projection, table rear projection, and ceiling rear projection. Portable projectors that are convenient to use anytime and anywhere are generally desktop front projection. This projection method is greatly affected by ambient light.

If it is designed as a ceiling front projection method during home decoration, it would save a lot of time and trouble, and has the best display effect. But a large part of consumers bought their first projector afterwards. Nowadays, desktop front projection projectors are no longer the same as commercial machines. The color matching is very fashionable. The choice can be based on the decoration design and choose the appropriate color to match with other home appliances.

Therefore, let me introduce you the way to reverse image of Acer HE-4K15 Projector according to the different mounting method.

How to fix when the Image is reversed

  1. Select “Image” > “Projection Mode”
  2. Choose “Image” > “Projection Location” on the OSD and adjust the projection direction

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