Acer HE-4K15 Projector Stop Responding can be devided into two situations. One is that the remote is not working, another one is the projector itself is not responding to your commands.


If it is the remote that not responding, solutions are:

  1. keep the remote near to the projector when pressing the button on the remote.
  2. The battery in the remote still have energy.
  3. Try re-pair the remote with Acer HE-4K15 Projector

The projector itself stops responding to all controls:

  1. If possible, turn off the projector, then unplug the power cord and wait at least 30 seconds before reconnecting power.
  2. Make sure that the control panel lock function is disabled.

In this case, the Acer HE-4K15 Projector not responding issue should be solved easily. Hope this trobleshooting has helped you.

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