Nebula projector users, no matter what kind of model you get back in home, you are allowed to easily control the Nebula projectors via your mobile device such as a phone. It is really a convenient feature to optimize the user experience. How to achieve this? we can resort to the App that developed by Nebula company which is called Nebula Connect. Now let me show you the way to download Nebula Connect App for Nebula Projectors. With this app, you can operate your mouse using the screen.

Steps to Download the Nebula Connect app

1.You can download the Nebula Connect app from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).

ANKER Nebula Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector - App

2.Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.

3.Open the Nebula Connect app and select [Nebula-XXXXXX] as the device to be connected.

ANKER Nebula Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector - App2

4.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection setup.

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