QKK mini projector was once ranked the best projector seller of 2020 in Amazon, which is popular among projectors fans.

This post will tell you how to connect QKK mini projector with your iPhone.

  • Get a Lightning to HDMI adapter
  • Use the HDMI adapter cable to connect your iPhone
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI port to a QKK projector
  • Then, your iPhone is connected to a QKK projector

Please note that you have to click and trust the projector when there is a cue message appearing on your iPhone.  

This method is also applicable for other iOS devices, such as iPad.

QKK mini projectors support various external connections, for example, TV Stick, Games, HDMI, and AV, enabling to use PCs, Macs, video games like PS3/Xbox, blue-ray DVD player, TV stick, and mobile devices conveniently.

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