You can fine-tune various aspects of the quality of your projected images including the contrast ratio, keep on reading to know how to do it.

Epson CH-LS12000B

Adjusting the Sharpness You can adjust the outline of the image using the Sharpness setting.

1.Turn on the projector and switch to the image source you want to use.

2.Press the [Menu] button on the control panel or remote control.

3.Select the Image menu and press [Enter].

4.Select Sharpness and choose one of the following:

• Standard: enhances outlines for the entire image; adjusts the Thin Line Enhancement and Thick Line Enhancement settings as well (defaults to 5).

• Thin Line Enhancement: enhances details such as hair and clothing patterns.

• Thick Line Enhancement: enhances backgrounds and larger elements.

5. Press the left or right arrow button to adjust the sharpness of image. Higher values make the image sharper and lower values make the image softer.

6.Press [Menu] or [Esc] to exit the menus.

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