DBPOWER Q6 and Emotn C1 are both LCD projectors using LED as the light source. What are the differences between them? Which one you should buy?

Let’s firstly compare the two projectors by means of a side-by-side parameter comparison table.


DBPOWER Q6 adopts white and grey as the main colors, which is a little dirty and dull.

Emotn C1 uses elegant white as the main color and fluorescent yellow as embellishment, whose design style is bright and energetic.

Both of the two projectors set a big lens on the left side of the front panel. The two projectors both have several short-cut buttons on the top. But Emotn C1 has a golden button, making it grand and special.

In addition, Emotn C1 also has a long groove, and you can use it as a phone stand. Both the long groove and sidebars are made of silica gel and the touch is soft and comfortable. In terms of buttons, Emotn C1 has a golden OK button, making it noble, special, and graceful.

Compared with DBPOWER Q6, Emotn C1 is more fashionable and beautiful in terms of appearance.

Image Quality

DBPOWER Q6 and Emotn C1 both adopt LCD display technology and use LED as the light source.

Brightness is critical for projector image quality. If the brightness is not good enough, the image may be dim and blurry.

DBPOWER Q6 features 8,000 lumens while Emotn C1 features 8,500 lumens, meaning that Emotn C1 performs better during daytime or under ambient light.

In addition, DBPOWER Q6 can project a maximum image of 120 inches, while Emotn C1 can project an image size of 200 inches. If you want a bigger image size, you can just pick Emotn C1.

Let’s compare the real images of the two projectors. The following two images are photographed when the light is off.

From the image comparison above, we can see that the image of DBPOWER Q6 is dim and blurry, the human face details can’t be found clearly. The image of Emotn C1 is clear and bright.

Compared with DBPOWER Q6, Emotn C1 is better in terms of image details and brightness.


DBPOWER Q6 has four rectangular modules featured on the homepage. You can know the different features clearly. But it is hard to find the setting and other features of the projector. The homepage is too simple, making users confused.

Emotn C1 also adopts five rectangular modules on the homepage, which uses different colors and logos to classify different features. You can know and find the different features quickly and clearly. The overall color matching is bright and harmonious and the layout is clear, grand, and elegant.

Compared with DBPOWER Q6, Emotn C1 is better in terms of UI.


DBPOWER Q6 and Emotn C1 are equipped with various ports, including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, 1 AV port, 1 audio output, and 1 SD/TF card port, supporting TV boxes, computer, phone, DVD player and all kinds of devices.

The two projectors support both wireless mirroring and wired mirroring. The mirroring interfaces are also similar.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are also important for the multimedia projector.

Emotn C1 supports Bluetooth 5.1, bringing 24Mbps quick transmission. In addition, Bluetooth 5.1 can reduce power consumption and save power. Emotn C1 has a built-in 5W speaker and BOX design, which can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. When Bluetooth speaker mode starts, Emotn C1’s optical machine will turn off automatically, bringing a quiet environment for music play.

Compared with DBPOWER Q6, Emotn C1 is better in terms of connectivity.


DBPOWER Q6 and Emotn C1 are both multi-media LCD projectors, but Emotn C1 is better in terms of appearance design, image quality, UI, and screen mirroring.

The retail price of DBPOWER Q6 is $219.99 while Emotn C1 is just sold at $179. Compared with DBPOWER Q6, Emotn C1 is cheaper and has better overall performance.