If you come across some problems when using the BIGASUO projector, you can check the following tips for troubleshooting.

No Image or No signal on the BIGASUO projector

  • Check the power light to see the power status.
  • Select the right input source when you connect the projector to other external devices.
  • Remove the lens cover on the projector.
  • Check the connection of cables.

The lamp turns off unexpectedly on the BIGASUO Projector

  • The BIGASUO projector may be overheated. Let it cool down and restart the projector.
  • Clear the obstacles in front of the projector.

Stains on the BIGASUO Projector

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the lens. Do not use liquid with a strong solvent.

The image is blurry

  • Use the Keystone and Focus buttons to adjust the images to make the image clear.
  • Avoid strong ambient light when using the projector. A dark environment can improve the viewing effect.

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