If you come across some problems when using the BIGASUO projector, you can check the following tips for troubleshooting.

No Image or No signal on the BIGASUO projector

  • Check the power light to see the power status.
  • Select the right input source when you connect the projector to other external devices.
  • Remove the lens cover on the projector.
  • Check the connection of cables.

The lamp turns off unexpectedly on the BIGASUO Projector

  • The BIGASUO projector may be overheated. Let it cool down and restart the projector.
  • Clear the obstacles in front of the projector.

Stains on the BIGASUO Projector

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the lens. Do not use liquid with a strong solvent.

The image is blurry

  • Use the Keystone and Focus buttons to adjust the images to make the image clear.
  • Avoid strong ambient light when using the projector. A dark environment can improve the viewing effect.

The BIGASUO projector Has No Sound

If the BIGASUO projector has no sound, you can check the following solutions.

  • Check whether the projector is mute by adjusting the volume with your remote control.
  • Adjust the volume on the external device when you connect the projector to other devices. For example, you should use the remote control of the TV Box when you are connecting the projector to a TV Box.
  • Check whether the Dolby Digital Plus is on when you play videos on some streaming platforms like Netflix. You can turn off the Dolby Digital Plus as most BIGASUO models don’t support this audio format.
  • Check whether the audio cables are not connected correctly.
  • Check whether the projector is connected to earphones and unplug the earphone.
  • Check whether the audio cable is broken. Try to change a new cable.
  • You can try to connect to an external speaker to make the sound louder if the sound is low and faint.
  • Try to play music or other content to check whether the audio hardware is broken.
  • Try to reset the projector to the factory default setting or update the firmware of the BIGASUO projector.
BIGASUO Projectors

If you have tried all the solutions but still don’t work, you can contact BIGASUO ([email protected]) and provide the projector model and a brief description of the problem for further help.

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