BenQ W1130X is a new home theater projector product from BenQ. The projector has improved a lot compared with the previous BenQ W1130. What are the Differences?

In this guide, we will compare the two projectors in depth.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130


The obvious difference that you can notice quickly is the appearance. Then, they are different in terms of chips, light source, lamp life, contrast, and light sources. Put simply, BenQ W1130X has improved a lot in these aspects.

Regarding brightness, they have the same 2,300 ISO lumens and the same 1080P resolution.

Models BenQ W1130X BenQ W1130
Light Source4LEDmercury lamp
Lamp Life30,000 hours15,000 hours
Chips 0.65″ 0.47″
Resolution 1080P 1080P
Brightness 2,300 ISO lumens 2,300 ISO lumens
Image Size60-200 inches 60-200 inches
Contrast 500,000:1 10,000:1
Color Gamut 98% Rec.709 95% Rec.709
Filmmaker Mode YesNo
Speakers Trevolvo 5W*2 Trevolvo 5W
Lens ShiftYesNo

Then, we will compare the two projectors from different aspects in the following section.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: Appearance

As we can see in the pictures above, BenQ W1130X is golden in the front panel while the sibling has a white color. Compared to BenQ W1130, the new projector is more delicate in design. More importantly, BenQ W1130X has bigger heat dissipation vents than BenQ W1130.

For dimensions, BenQ W1130X measures 366x244x118mm while BenQ W1130 measures 312x225x110 mm. BenQ W1130X weighs 5.5kg while BenQ W1130 weighs 2.79kg.

That is to say, BenQ W1130X is slightly bigger and heavier.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: Light Source

BenQ W1130X adopts 4LED as the light source while BenQ W1130 has a traditional mercury lamp. Compared to mercury lamps, the 4LED light system performs better in lamp life and color performance.

Regarding lamp life, BenQ W1130X has a long lamp life of 30,000 hours while BenQ W1130 has 15,000 hours. If you use the projector for 5 hours per day, then you can use BenQ W1130X for 6,000 days (more than 16 years) while you can just use BenQ W1130 for 3,000 days (about 8 years).

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: Image

As for resolution, BenQ W1130X and BenQ W1130 both have 1080P resolution and have the same 2300 ISO lumens.

The BenQ W1130X covers 98% Rec.709, with a broad and accurate color gamut; the BenQ W1130 covers 95% Rec.709 color gamut. On this basis, the BenQ W1130X also adopts D65 color temperature to achieve color temperature and white balance, reaching the 86% DCI-P3 standard, with a wider red/green range. We can see that BenQ W1130X and BenQ W1130 both have good brightness and color configuration, and BenQ W1130X is more prominent in color.

In addition, BenQ W1130X has a high contrast 0f 500,000:1, better than BenQ W1130’s 10,000:1. As for image technology, BenQ W1130 has no filmmaker mode and CinematicColor calibration BenQ W1130X does.

The two projectors both support HDR 10 and enhance the image quality to make it keep true to the real colors of the objects in the image. Through the image below, we can see that there are more details and color gradations on the right side and the image on the right side is more natural and clear.

In terms of projection correction, the BenQ W1130X uses the lens shift function and 1.3x optical zoom function, which can freely zoom the picture without moving the unit; the BenQ W1130 has four-point keystone correction functions, supports side projection, and can automatically complete the screen brightness adjustment via detecting ambient light. Both do an excellent job of auto-correction, but the BenQ W1130X’s lens shift and optical zoom are a bit smarter by comparison.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: System

The two projectors both adopt DLP technology, but they have different chips. The BenQ W1130X uses a 0.65-inch large chip, but the BenQ W1130 uses a 0.47-inch chip. A large chip can deliver more delicate images with more details.

They both have a high refresh rate of 120Hz and low latency of 8.3ms, which is also suitable for playing games and brings a smooth gaming experience.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: Connectivity

The two projectors have multiple types of interfaces. BenQ W1130X is equipped with an RS-232 interface, USB-A interface, HDMI2.0 interface, and SPDIF interface, which can be connected to audio, a USB flash drive, headphones, etc. Compared to BenQ W1130X, the sibling BenQ W1130 has more PC interface and monitor out interface.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: Sound

In terms of sound configuration, both BenQ W1130X and BenQ W1130 are professionally tuned by the BenQ TerVolo Golden Ear team.

The differences lie in the speaker. BenQ W1130X has a 10W speaker while BenQ W1130 has built-in 5W audio. Therefore, the sound of BenQ W1130X is more powerful and sonorous.

BenQ W1130X vs BenQ W1130: Price

BenQ W1130X is priced at RMB 6,999 while BenQ W1130 has a retail price of RMB 5,499. The price gap is about RMB 1,500. If you have a limited budget, you can choose BenQ W1130 while if you want better image and sound, then you just pick BenQ W1130X.

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By comparing BenQ W1130X and BenQ W1130, we can see that as home projectors, BenQ W1130X and BenQ W1130 have relatively high configuration and performance, and the cost performance is also relatively high.

BenQ W1130X has a further upgrade in terms of image and sound on the basis of BenQ W1130. If you choose BenQ W1130X, you can still get a better user experience.

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