BenQ i930L laser TV has a 4K resolution i930L laser TV, with a 100-inch anti-glare screen, you may build a home theater anytim in the living room. At the same time, BenQ’s professional color adjustment team, led by internationally certified color masters, aims to restore true colors and bring a touching movie viewing experience.

BenQ i930L Review: Powerful Laser TV with Houndstooth Style

In addition, it is professionally tuned by the treVolo golden ear-level team, equipped with bi-amplifier four-channel audio, to achieve an all-round immersive experience and create a private “home theater” experience. Moreover, the laser TV is equipped with intelligent functions such as electric slider, intelligent photosensitive feature and voice command, which combine technology and products to bring new technological experience to life.

BenQ i930L Review: Powerful Laser TV with Houndstooth Style

BenQ i930L laser TV also added a lot of user-friendly functions, such as the adoption of TOF laser sensor, when people approach the machine, the screen will automatically turn off, which is really eye protected for users.

BenQ i930L Review: Powerful Laser TV with Houndstooth Style

It supports eight-point calibration, and you can also adjust the best picture by yourself. There are also rich interfaces, which support the connection of mainstream game equipment, gamepads, smart terminals, computers, microphones, speakers, etc., enriching the audio-visual entertainment life of users.

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