Shenzhen-based company, Appotronics Corporation Limited(Appotronics), has recently been granted a patent titled “Lens Sealing Cover, Lens Module, Lens Adjustment Module, and Projection Device.” The patent, with authorization announcement number CN108072954B, was filed on November 2016.

The patent revolves around the invention of a lens sealing cover designed to provide effective protection against external contaminants for the lens barrel. This innovation ensures that lenses assembled in lens modules, lens adjustment modules, or projection devices operate in a sealed environment, safeguarding the optical components and guaranteeing superior image quality for projected content.

The lens sealing cover serves as a crucial component, preventing foreign particles from interfering with the lens’s optical elements. This results in the lenses, integrated into lens modules, lens adjustment modules, or projection devices, operating in a sealed and contaminant-free environment. As a consequence, the patent contributes to maintaining the integrity of the lenses and, ultimately, ensures that the projected images exhibit excellent quality.

The successful acquisition of this patent by Appotronics highlights the company’s commitment to advancing optical technology and improving the quality of projected images. By addressing the challenges of external contaminants, the lens sealing cover plays a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and longevity of lenses used in various optical applications, ultimately benefiting the projection device industry.