What is the difference between ultra-short throw projection and laser TV?

Ultra Short Throw Projector

Why do ultra-short-throw projectors exist? Because the previous telephoto projectors were also inconvenient during use. The tele-projectors may be hoisted on the roof, or they may be located far away from the screen. The place is projected, but it will inevitably affect the beauty of the indoor environment, the screen will be blocked, etc.; the emergence of ultra-short-throw projectors solves these problems very well.

As the name suggests, an ultra-short-throw projector has an ultra-short focal length, that is, an ultra-small throw ratio. A projector with a throw ratio of less than 0.38:1 is an ultra-short-throw projector; a general ultra-short-throw projector only needs to be placed at a distance from the wall. A 100-inch super-large screen can be projected at a position of 20 to 30 cm on the wall (data comes from projector calculator), and because the distance of the projector is greatly shortened, the projected light will be more concentrated, and the color of the screen will be more saturated.

However, the light source of ultra-short-focus projector products uses LED light sources, not laser light sources. The laser light source that uses laser light sources is the laser TV we will mention below.

Laser TV

The principle of the laser TV screen is to use semiconductor semiconductor pumping solid-state laser working substances to generate a certain red, blue and green laser light sources. These three laser beams are then projected onto the screen through optical technology and then imaged, that is to say Laser TV uses a laser light source.

Generally, when we buy a projector, we can buy a curtain or not, but a laser TV must buy a curtain; laser TV is a combination of reflective ultra-short-focus laser light source technology, the projector itself and a professional screen; laser TV can be called It is a TV, but also because it adopts some TV picture quality processing technology, and the clarity and color reproduction of the picture can be greatly improved.

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