What are the advantages and disadvantages of ultra-short throw projectors

Advantages: When it comes to ultra-short-throw projectors, the first thing that comes to mind is the ultra-short projection distance brought by its ultra-small projection ratio, which ensures that the projector can project a hundred inches even when it is close to the wall. large screen, and there is no situation where people walk in front of the projector and block the screen.

When used in classrooms or at home, it does not need to be hoisted on the roof, and it also avoids direct light into the eyes to a certain extent, which is also a kind of protection for eyesight. The combination of ultra-short-focus technology and touch technology enables users to write on the screen or interact with the screen.

Disadvantages: Of course, ultra-short-throw projectors also have a slight disadvantage. The technologies used in ultra-short-throw projectors usually include reflective or wide-angle fisheye lenses. Although the wide-angle fisheye lens can shorten the projection distance and make the picture larger, the projected picture may have a linear distortion.

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