AAXA P6X supports looping a song and song playlist, you can follow the steps to loop a song.

Loop a Song

1. Choose either USB or TF Card for playback.

2. Navigate the folders until you reach the file you wish to play.

3. Highlight the file you want to play, then confirm the selection.

4. Move selection on the music player menu to “Repeat 1,” and confirm the selection.

5. The song will now loop after playback is finished.


Create a Song Playlist

1. Insert your media device (either TF card or USB) into a computer.

2. Make a new folder on the media device (folder name will be the name of the playlist).

3. Transfer songs from the computer to the new folder, name them accordingly.

4. Remove the media device from the computer and insert it into your AAXA P6X projector.

5. Navigate to the Audio section, then choose the appropriate media device.

6. Navigate to your playlist folder.

7. Start at the first song.

8. Playback will follow each successive song on the list.

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