If your AAXA P6X projector can’t turn on, you can try the following solutions.

  • Check the power adapter is working by ensuring it is securely plugged in where the cord goes into the brick and where the plug goes into the outlet. Try testing with other power outlets to see if the power adapter is working correctly.
  • Try to turn the projector on via the On/Off switch on the side of the AAXA P6X projector and see if the fans start to go and it starts to boot up.
  • Check the brick specifically to ensure it is receiving power. The brick will have an LED that lights up when it is plugged in to indicate power is running through it.
  • If your AAXA P6X projector shows no signs of power, then the power adapter may be defective. If your AAXA P6X is under the warranty, you can contact the seller to replace a new one.
  • If all the solutions above don’t work, you can contact AAXA Technical Support via email at [email protected].

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