If your ViewSonic projector turns off automatically, you can check and troubleshoot the following reasons.

What to do If ViewSonic Projector Turns Off Automatically

Free Airflow

ViewSonic Projector
  1. Please make sure the intake and exhaust vents of your ViewSonic projector have no obstruction. Don’t place sundries on the projector to avoid vents obstruction.
  2. Make sure the projector is not enclosed or right against a wall – it needs ventilation space.
  3. Don’t place the projector on top of other electronic equipment, such as an AV receiver.

High Altitude Mode

ViewSonic Projector

If your ViewSonic projector is being used at some places with a higher altitude, you will need to turn on the “High Altitude” mode. The fan will thus operate at a higher speed to intake more air. Please check the user guide to enable it.