If you bought a XGIMI Aura projector, you’ll get a Bluetooth remote controller in the box as well, which is really convenient for users to navigate the projector. For the users who get their first XGIMI Aura projector, how do they pair the Bluetooth remote controller with XGIMI Aura Projector?


1. You should place the remote control within a distance of 10cm to the XGIMI Aura projector,

2. You need to press the “return” button and “home” button on the remote control simultaneously until the indicator light begins flashing. This means that the remote control has entered the pairing mode. When you hear a “”Ding”” sound, means that the connection between Bluetooth remote controller and Xgimi Aura projector is successful.

3. If the pairing fails, you should wait for 30 seconds, then you can repeat the steps above gain after 30 seconds until you hear the “Ding” sound.