Some of the users may wonder can the XGIMI Aura be navigated by external phones, the answer is yes. We can navigate XGIMI Aura via our phones. What a convenience.


How to navigate XGIMI Aura by external phones

XGIMI Aura projector is installed with the Official Google Android TV system, “Android TV” app as a better option.

  • For iPhones users

Firstly, you need download “Android TV” app on your phone, then enter the app settings to search the projector device nearby, after that you can pair your phone with the XGIMI Aura projector. But please keep in mind that you need to make sure both of your phone and XGIMI Aura projector should be under the same Wifi signal. Once the connection is done, the phone remote is On the Go.

  • For Android Phones users

XGIMI team is working on a new tool for further update, please stay tuned.