VILINICE 900L projector is featured with Bluetooth and WiFi connection, allowing users to connect external devices. Some may to get a better audio experience by connecting speaker to VILINICE 900L projector, here is the simple guide help you achieve your goal.

There are two ways for you to connect VILINICE 900L projector to a speaker. If your speaker supports Bluetooth feature as well, then you could easily connect both of them without hassle via method 1.

Method 1: Wireless connection

Put your speaker’s Bluetooth facility in the discoverable mode so that VILINICE 900L projector could detect your speaker. If you failed to find your speaker while searching for the devices nearby, make sure that you have set both of them on Bluetooth discoverable mode and try to keep then in an ideal distance.

Method 2: Wired connection

If your speaker doesn’t support Bluetooth, it’s OK, just prepare a USB cable, connect your speaker to VILINICE 900L projector by pluging the cable into the USB port on both devices.

Following either method, you should have paired the speaker and VILINICE 900L projector properly.