If your VANKYO projector has no sound, you can try the following solutions for troubleshooting.

VANKYO Projectors No Sound Troubleshooting and Solutions
  • Your VANKYO projector is mute. Press the mute button again to cancel mute mode.
  • The device (PC, TV, etc.) connected to the VANKYO projector is muted.
  • Dolby sound is not supported, exit to play again.
  • Profile audio format is not supported by the VANKYO projector. For example, the VANKYO projector supports 1080P and 1080I video won’t play audio.
  • VGA connection can only transmit analog signals of video not audio. The external speaker is required when the device is connected via a VGA cable.
  • Encryption is applied on the videos or media player which holds the video. Try more videos to define this possibility.
VANKYO Projector
  • Exclude possibilities above, try another HDMI cable /external speaker, and a 2.0USB disk/ Micro SD card within 32G/USB hard disk within 1TB to play directly to see if both video and audio are available.
  • Profile audio format is not supported by the projector.
  • Encryption is applied to the videos or media player which holds the video.
  • If the lamp is off with only audio playing, the lamp is defective.
  • Try another HDMI cable if it’s connected through this channel.

That’s all for the solutions for the VANKYO projector no sound problem. If all the solutions don’t help, please contact VANKYO Support.

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