Except for using control pointer in CINEMOOD App, it is also possible to use control pointers with buttons on CINEMOOD projector.

In FW version 2677 and after, it’s possible to control pointer using the buttons found directly on the CINEMOOD device. It’s not very convenient, but users can use it too if they don’t have the mobile app on their hands.

The CINEMOOD Device has 6 buttons to control the pointer and navigate in Netflix & Prime Video Apps. And it’s possible to push only one button at a time.


How to Control pointers with buttons

Up/Down/Left/Right buttons – the most important buttons to control the pointer on the screen.

  1. Push and hold any of these buttons and the pointer will go in the same direction. Speed will be increased the longer you maintain the hold.
  2. Push and Release any of these buttons – pointer will go in the same direction in one step.

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