The shape of Tencent Aurora T6 is somewhat similar to that of T5. The overall size is 240x240x195.5mm and weighs about 3.77kg. It is slightly bulky and inconvenient to move. The overall body color is dark black, which makes the projector more scientific and technological.

The right side of the front of the fuselage is a projection lens, which supports optical zoom and changes the size of the projection picture without damaging the image quality. On the left are TOF laser lens and CMOS camera module, which assist the projector to focus and keep the picture clear in real time.

The position behind the top of the projection is the switch button, which is used to switch the projector on and off. In the middle is the indicator light of Tencent Aurora T6, which presents different colors according to the use of the projector.

There are multiple interfaces on the back of the projector, from left to right are power interface, optical fiber interface, HDMI interface, USB2.0 interface * 2, network cable interface and audio interface. Rich types of interfaces make Tencent Aurora T6 more complete and convenient to connect computers, PS5, hard disk, audio and other equipment.


In terms of focusing function, Tencent Aurora T6 supports senseless automatic focusing, which can quickly and accurately complete picture focusing without the help of reference figure. In terms of trapezoidal correction, it supports automatic trapezoidal correction to facilitate the installation of projector side projection. However, the larger the angle, the less ideal the trapezoidal correction effect is.

Image system

Tencent Aurora T6 adopts DLP display technology and LED as projection light source. The picture brightness is 1900ansi lumen and the resolution is 1080p. It can project clear and bright pictures.

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