The overall size of the RUISHIDA S5 projector is small and weighs about 1.75kg. Users can easily change the installation position. In addition, the four corners of the RUISHIDA S5 are designed with circular arcs to prevent users from accidentally bumping the projector and being hurt by sharp corners.

On the right side of the front of the fuselage is the super large projection lens of RUISHIDA S5, which will send out a dazzling beam to project the picture when in use.

On the side of the fuselage is the cooling port of the RUISHIDA S5 projector. There are three copper tubes inside to help dissipate heat, so as to ensure that the temperature inside the projector will not be too high and avoid accelerated aging of internal components affected by high temperature.

On the top of the fuselage, at the end close to the lens is the focusing ring of RUISHIDA S5 and the adjustment ring for trapezoidal correction function. Near the back of the fuselage is the control panel of the projector, on which is the operation key of the projector. When the remote controller is not around, it can be operated through the control panel.

At the back of the fuselage is the speaker and interface of RUISHIDA S5. In terms of interface, it has 1 VGA interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 USB interface and 1 audio interface. Rich interfaces support RUISHIDA S5 to connect computers, power amplifiers, USB disks and other devices to meet the daily use needs of users.


In terms of system, RUISHIDA S5 projector has built-in Android intelligent system and equipped with amlogics905w processing chip to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. At the same time, it also has 16g storage space to support the installation of multiple software applications, enrich the use functions of the projector and expand more possibilities for users.

The RUISHIDA S5 projector also supports Bluetooth 4.2. When connecting the Bluetooth remote control, it can also connect the Bluetooth audio, so that users can experience better sound quality. In addition, RUISHIDA S5 also supports mobile phone wireless screen projection. You only need to connect RUISHIDA S5 and mobile phone through screen projection software.

Image quality

Although the RUISHIDA S5 projector supports 4K video, the real resolution is only 720p and the actual picture brightness is only about 200ansi lumens. When used in an all black environment, the overall picture is bright and clear, with a good sense of experience.When the curtains are closed during the day, the overall picture is slightly white, but you can still see the picture clearly, and the overall impact is not great.