You may be confused which to buy for home theater, TV or a home projector? Here let’s have a short discuss about this question, because TV and home projector, each has their own unique advantages. It’s hard to say which one is better, but we can analyze the pros and cons of these two devices to see which suits you better.

Pros of home projectors:

70”- 300” adjustable large screen to your demands

Small in size, light in weight. You can carry it around for a trip, take it out to the yard.

Cause less visual fatigue, unlike TV emit light itself, home projectors reflect light into the eyeball to deliver image.

Smaller view cone. Viewer who sits off axis will find the image grow dark and blurry.

Cons of home projectors:

Home projectors require a screen. (A flat clean white wall would suffice but will degrade the quality of the image.)

Home projectors require a special dark room. Ambient light will degrade image quality.

Sounds quality may not be satisfying.

Home projectors can be fragile and subject to life span.

Smaller view cone

Pros of TV:

 Better image quality, native 4K is a piece of cake.

Provide better sound quality.

Higher refresh rate, playing games on it without the concern for frame drop.

Simple maintenance, easy to operate.

Larger view cone.

Cons of TV:

Not budget-friendly for large screen lover.

Hard to move once fixed, not to mention carry it around.

Cause visual fatigue easily, a long time watching even cause eye damage.

Now we have a clue about the pro and cons of both TV and home projector. Which one should you buy? TV or home projector?

In most cases, people who live with their family will probably prefer TV. Large view cone of TV allows family members to sit together in the living room and enjoy quality time.

The young people who move out living alone or haven’t settled down might prefer projectors for their portability. Plus, you can carry the projector around for a trip or use it to build an open cinema.

If you are a fancier of new tech and want to try some trendy lifestyle. Maybe home projectors will surprise you.

For people who don’t want to spend time and effort on the maintenance of home projectors, don’t want to be bothered by connecting it to speaker or setting up the projector screen, TV might save you a lot of troubles.

If you want to build yourself a big-screen home cinema, buy a good projector. And of course, acoustically treating your room and preparing a projector screen will make your viewing experience even better.