To answer the question: What are the advantages of LED projectors, we need to know what is a LED projector.

When we refer to LED, we are in fact talking about the light source of a projector. You may have seen some projector comparisons between LED projector and LCD projector. However it is less accurate because LED refers to light source and LCD refers to projection technology. (Click this to know more about LCD: What Does LCD Mean in LCD Projectors? – Projector1). To be more specific, it doesn’t make sense putting light source and projection technology together and to state which one is better.

The projection technology of an LED projector is usually LCD, but instead of traditional projector bulbs like a metal-halide lamp, LED projectors adopt longer-lasting and more efficient LED lamps as a light source to generate the beam of white light.

There are many advantages of LED lamp projectors because the appearance of LED lamps marks a new stage of the projector industry development.

Advantages of LED lamp projectors

  • the greatest selling point of LED projectors is that LED light source is able to last for up to 20,000 hours, nearly 10 times the lifespan of traditional projector bulbs.
  • LED lamps are born with energy-efficient nature, requiring less power consumption and producing less heat during working.
  • What’s more, LED projectors are smaller in size. Compared with traditional bulb projectors, LED projectors have a simpler light path structure, hence the design of the cooling system can be less difficult. That’s the reason for most LED projectors weigh under 1KG, the mini ones weigh only 0.5KG.

Disadvantages of LED lamp projectors

Longer lifetime and energy efficiency are two of the most prominent advantages of LED lamp projectors. As for the downs for LED lamps, it has to be the brightness. No matter competing with traditional projector bulbs or high end light source-laser, LED projectors won’t take the upper hand. The light emitted by LED lamp is relatively darker, hence the projected image will be less bright.