Keystone correction is a familiar function in the projector market. Many cheap entry-level will adopt manual keystone correction and some smart projector supports digital keystone or auto keystone correction.

Projector Keystone Correction Pros and Cons

You may see that the projection image is trapezoidal, which greatly affects the viewing effect. This trapezoidal image is called the Keystone effect. You can use the keystone correction feature to make the image rectangular.

Projector Keystone Correction

As a coin has two sides, the Keystone correction function has both pros and cons.

Pros of keystone Correction

  • Adjust displayed data on the screen
  • Reduce image distortion
  • Adjust projection image regardless of distance
Keystone Correction in Projectors

Cos of keystone Correction

  • Reduces the resolution of displayed data
  • Not a permanent solution.
  • Affects the overall image quality.

To achieve the best image quality and viewing effect, make sure that the projector is facing the projection screen directly and perpendicularly.

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