FANGOR F506 WiFi Bluetooth projector is equipped with 3*HDMI port, 2*USB ports, 1*AV port, 1*VGA port, 1* 3.5mm Audio port,1* Micro SD port and a VGA port. It is simple to connect a computer to FANGOR F-506 projector. First of all, you may need to prepare a universal VGA cable, Then you could follow the steps below to get both of your computer and FANGOR F-506 projector connected.


Steps to connect PC to FANGOR F-506 projector

  1. To connect your PC to FANGOR F-506 projector via VGA cable, you should plug the VGA cable into the VGA port on the projector. And plug another end of the cable into the VGA port on the computer.
  2. Make sure that you have chosen VGA signal mode on FANGOR F-506 projector.
  3. For most of the Windows 7 computers, press [Windows]+[P] to make projection.
    Tip: If your Windows computers doesn’t support this shortcut key, you can refer to the manual of your manufacturer or Google for it.

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