This guide shows you how to use web browser to control your Optoma HZ39HDR.

How to use web browser to control your projector

  1. Turn “On” the DHCP option on projector to allow a DHCP server to automatically assign an IP address.
  2. Open the web browser in your PC and type in the projector’s IP address (“Network > LAN > IP Address”).
  3. Enter the user name and password, and click “Login”. The projector’s configuration web interface opens.

    The default user name and password is “admin”.
    The steps in this section is based on Windows 7 operating system.
Optoma ZH39 Projector

Use this DHCP option to enable or disable the DHCP function:

  • Off: To assign IP, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS configuration manually.
  • On: Projector will obtain an IP address automatically from your network.

In this case, you would know how to use web browser to control your Optoma HZ39HDR projector.

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