Optoma ZH39 offers many convenient features to cater the demand of different usage. One of them is adjusting the signal option.

Optoma ZH39 Projector

Adjust the signal options guide

  • Automatic:

Configure automatically the signal (the frequency and phase items are grayed out). If automatic is disabled, the frequency and phase items will appear for tuning and saving the settings.

  • Frequency:

Change the display data frequency to match the frequency of your computer’s graphic card. Use this function only if the image appears to flicker vertically.

  • Phase:

Synchronize the signal timing of the display with the graphic card. If the image appears to be unstable or flickers, use this function to correct it.

  • H. Position:

Adjust the horizontal positioning of the image.

  • V. Position:

Adjust the vertical positioning of the image.

Pleas note: This menu is only available if the input source is RGB/Component.

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