Optoma is an advanced projection equipment manufacturer in the industry and enjoys a high reputation around the world. The recently launched CUL80T laser-based engineering projector has once again won wide acclaim from people in the industry.

The core performance of Optoma CUL80T laser engineering projector is powerful and reliable. It is equipped with Texas Instruments 0.67-inch DLP® technology/WUXGA DMD chip and supports 1920×1200 ultra-high-resolution output. The scenery can show the real and vivid effect.


The bright light environment of the exhibition hall is a great test for engineering projection. The Optoma CUL80T laser engineering projector is fully prepared for this, and can easily output 8000 lumens of brightness that meets the ISO21118 projector brightness standard. High-definition and delicate display can still be maintained in complex lighting environments.

Not only that, the ultra-high output brightness also greatly increases the upper limit of the display effect of the projection screen, which can easily achieve a 10-bit color depth of 1.07 billion color display, and also supports the HDR effect, which can present visitors with a pleasing reality in the natural world. color. In extreme black mode, Optoma CUL80T laser-based engineering projector can bring 1,000,000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, and the overall color will be displayed in a more vivid and rich form.

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