You can connect your LG HU915QE projector to the network. If you configure settings for the network, you can use various services such as online contents and applications. Keep on reading this Network Setting Guide to know the detailed steps.

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Setting a Wired Network Steps

1. Connect the LAN port of the projector and the router using a LAN cable.

2. The router should be connected to the Internet beforehand.

• If the router supports DHCP, the projector is automatically connected to the network when you connect the projector to the network with a LAN cable.

If the Network Is Not Automatically Connected

2. Press the (Q. Settings) button on the remote control.

3. Select → [General] → [Network] → [Wired Connection (Ethernet)].

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Use standard LAN cable (connect to Cat7 or higher with RJ45 connector, 10 Base-T, or 100 Base TX LAN port). Resetting the router may fix some network connection problems. Turn the power OFF, disconnect and reconnect it, and then turn the power on to solve the problem.

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