JMGO O1 Projector

Everyone must have their own concept of what the future life will be like; but in the eyes of many netizens, most of the future life is based on science fiction movies. For electronic technology products, “screenless” may become a trend. The frame of mobile phones is getting smaller and smaller, Xiaomi also released a transparent TV, and the projector has a touchable screen; this time, the JMGO O1 can not only meet the needs of daily entertainment, but also can be used as a decoration to accompany us in our lives middle.

This review emphasizes on the JMGO O1 Proejctor’s companion mode. The companion mode with borderless design is more naturally integrated into the home decoration environment. After entering the companion mode, the Nut O1 is really like an ornament. The wall style can be set to sound mode, home mode, digital art environment.

Home digital gallery projector

Thanks to the partnership with MANA digital art platform, thousands of masterpieces created by digital artists around the world are pre-installed in the Digital Art Gallery under the Companion Mode, ready to turn the walls at your place into an artistic dynamic wallpaper.

Home theater projector

Various desktops in companion mode will also give people a good visual impact. It can be turned on at home and used as a clock. Not only the time, but also the weather, information, and more.

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