Can I watch videos on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Videos and other streaming services on JMGO O1 Projector? The answer is yes.

Boasts with the ultra-short-throw design, JMGO O1 delivers a bigger screen and better view with a cinematic and uninterrupted experience at home without space limitation. It provides a massive 80″ to 100″ screen size when placed just 10.6 inches away from the wall.

Moreover, JMGO O1 Projector works with Luna OS, which features gadgets for your 24/7 companion, including music visualizer, bulletin board, weather dashboard, and more.

JMGO O1 Projector Wonky Image

Method to watch Netflix on JMGO O1 Projector

  1. You can search in O1’s App Store for popular streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube.
  2. Alternatively, you can connect a TV stick (eg. Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku) to O1 via HDMI.


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