Sometimes, we need to transport our projectors to other places. However, the projector contains precision parts, some of which are glass, which is easy to break down. 

How to Transport Your Projector

So, how to transport your projector?

Just keep the following tips in mind when you transport a projector.

Firstly. You should make sure the projector is turned off. When the status indicator is off, then unplug the power cord.

Secondly, you should close the lens cover to protect the lens.

Dangbei X3

Thirdly, you have to remove any equipment connected to the projector.

In the end, you’d better use a carrying case and carry the projector manually.

In addition, if you need to transport the projector for a long-distance or as checked luggage, you can place it in a carrying case, then pack the case in a firm box with cushioning around it and mark the box “Fragile”.

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