Optoma ZH39 offers many convenient features to cater the demand of different usage. Dynamic Range adjustment allows users to configure the High Dynamic Range (HDR) / Hybrid Log Gamma(HLG) setting and its effect when displaying video on the Optoma ZH39 Projector from 4K Blu-ray players and streaming devices.

Optoma ZH39 Projector

Note: HDMI1 and VGA do not support Dynamic Range.

HDR/HLG description

  • Off: Turn off HDR/HLG Processing. When set to Off, the projector will NOT decode HDR/HLG content.
  • Auto: Auto detect HDR/HLG signal.

HDR Picture Mode / HLG Picture Mode

  • Bright: Choose this mode for brighter more saturated colors.
  • Standard: Choose this mode for natural looking colors with a balance of warm and cool tones.
  • Film: Choose this mode for improved detail and image sharpness.
  • Details: The signal comes from OETF conversion to achieve the best color matching.

The HDR Picture Mode adjusts the HDR rendering effect when the input signal is HDR. Similarly, the HLG Picture Mode adjusts the HLG rendering effect when the input signal is HLG. ‡ HDR Picture Mode option is only available when the input signal is HDR, and HLG Picture Mode option will be grayed out and vice versa.

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