When you are using Hisense Vidda C1 Projector, everything goes well, suddenly the projector shuts off automatically. What does that happen? Don’t worry, it is very probably that the machine is overheated during working. You can follow the steps below to solve the issue.

Hisense Vidda C1 Projector Auto Shut off Solution

  • Wiat for the device to cool down and then turn it on again.
  • Do not place anything that can become warped or damaged by heat near the vents, this will block the heat dissapation.
  • Do not bring your hands or face close to the vents while projection is in progress. Because when the projector is working, the temperature is very high and may cause burn on your skin.
  • Do not place flammable materials such as aerosols near the device in case of fire.

Please Remember that always avoid overheating for the projector by following the tips above.

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