How is FANGOR F802 projector? This review will analyze this model in terms of critical parameters.

FANGOR F802 has an innovative small-size appearance, more reasonable and easier to use for outdoor. Its brightness is 6000L, uses advanced LCD imaging technology and LED light source with up to 6000L brightness. So it allows us to see all the details on the 200” large display.


The latest FANGOR F-802 wireless projector is 1080P supported. And its native resolution is 720P. Advanced LCD imaging technology and high brightness LED light source enable FANGOR F802 present crisp and vivid images. The contrast ratio is 4500:1. This allows F-802 to show excellent performance in black details reproduction.


Smart features are provided as well by FANGOR F802. Before playing the video, you can use the FOCUS function on the machine to focus on the screen; You can also use KEYSTONE to adjust the screen.

FANGOR F802 is compatible with TV Stick/PS4/HDMI/AV(DVD) via AV, HDMI, USB ports. Sync ios/ Android phones screen, easy for home entertainment and outdoor camping. Also, it is featured with bluetooth connection, allowing user to connect external devices such as speaker to the projector via wireless connection.

FANGOR F802 Tech Specs

  • Supported Resolution:1920*1080
  • Native Resolution: 720P
  • Brightness: 6000L
  • Contrast Ratio: 4500:1
  • Speaker: 360° Stereo Speaker
  • Projection size: 40″-200″
  • Projection distance: 1-5m

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