Both FANGOR 701 Projector and FANGOR F-601 Projector are powerful portable projectors, they all have a small footprint that makes it easy for users to carry around to presentation, camping or outdoor movie party. But there are still some differences between them. let’s look at them side by side to see which one is more worth buying and better.


From FANGOR 701 Projector you will get 8,500 lumens as claimed by the FANGOR manufacturer. This is a high brightness level for such a compact unit design, FANGOR F-405 Projector has 6000 lumens, which is also bright. We still can see that FANGOR 701 Projector has higher brightness than FANGOR F-601 Projector. In a conference room that with all the curtains drew up, both of them can give a clear image to be seen by all viewers. However, it can not compete with high-end home cinema projectors in terms of dealing strong ambient light. Therefore, to get a better view experience, we recommend you to kill all the lights in the viewing space.

Contrast ratio:

FANGOR 701 Projector has high contrast ratio of 10000:1, while FANGOR F-601 Projector has a lower contrast ratio of 6000:1. This means that FANGOR 701 Projector will have better performance on giving black details in the dark area of picture. Contrast ratio is a critical factor that affects the picture quality, FANGOR 701 Projector is better than FANGOR F-601 Projector in terms of contrast ratio.


FANGOR 701 Projector has native resolution of F HD 1080p, which FANGOR F-601 Projector has only native resolution of 720p. This is a huge gap between these two projectors. As we can see FANGOR 701 Projector can deliver much sharper and crisper image than FANGOR F-601Projector does, Higher resolution means more pixel accounts in a same size picture.

Lamp life:

Lamp life is a very important factor while consumers choosing a projector. Because lamp life means how long we can use this projector, especially for LED lamp and laser projectors. Since these projectors won’t allow users to replace the light source with new one. Both FANGOR F-601 Projector and FANGOR 701 Projector are LED lamp projectors, FANGOR F-601 Projector has lamp life up to 8000 hours, while FANGOR 701 Projector has lamp life up to 10000 hours. In this case, FANGOR 701 Projector wins in terms of lamp life.


We have compared FANGOR F-601 Projector and FANGOR 701 Projector in many critical aspects, such as resolution, brightness and contrast ratio, The conclusion is as plain as the nose on your face, FANGOR 701 Projector is better than FANGOR F-601 Projector, since FANGOR 701 Projector has higher resolution, contrast ratio as well as longer working life, what’s more it is brighter than FANGOR F-601 Projector.

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