Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI Aura are both new 4K laser projectors with similar market positions. What are the differences between them? Which one should you buy?

This article will help you to find the answers. Let’s have a look at the side-by-side comparison below.


Dangbei Mars Pro adopts glass IML suspension panel and aircraft-grade aluminum frame with a glossy black as the main color, whose style is grand and elegant, full of futuristic characteristics. There is a tactile switch on the glossy top panel, bringing a smooth and comfortable touch. The two side panels and back panel include vents, achieving good heat dissipation effects.

The shape of XGIMI Aura is just like a big DVD player. The lens is located at the groove on the top panel. The color matching of matt grey and black delivers elegant and brief style. The heat dissipation vents are located at the two side panels.

In terms of size, XGIMI Aura is much bulkier than Dangbei Mars Pro.


Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI Aura both adopt laser as the light source and DLP as the display technology, delivering 4K resolution. But their brightness is different.

Dangbei Mars Pro is rated at 3,200 ANSI lumens while XGIMI Aura has only 2,400 ANSI lumens, meaning that Dangbei Mars Pro has a better image effect than XGIMI Aura under ambient light. If the brightness of a projector is too low, then the image may be dim and blurry.

Both of the two 4K laser projectors support auto keystone and autofocus, but Dangbei Mars Pro is much more intelligent. Dangbei Mars Pro supports intelligent screen alignment and intelligent obstacle avoidance, which can adjust the image according to the surrounding changes.

Dangbei Mars Pro can project a maximum screen of 300 inches while XGIMI Aura can project a maximum screen of 150 inches. XGIMI Aura is better in terms of short-throw, which can project a bigger screen within the same throw distance.


Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI Aura both have a built-in Android system and large memory. Dangbei Mars Pro carries MT9669 flagship chip and 4G RAM+128G ROM while XGIMI Aura operates on MT9629 chip with 2G RAM+ 32G ROM, meaning that Dangbei Mars Pro performs better in terms of processing and memory.

Both of the two projectors support Dolby Audio & DTS sound, but they are different in terms of operation noise. Dangbei Mars Pro has a low noise of no more than 24 dB, much quieter than XGIMI Aura’s noise of 30 dB.


Both of the two laser projectors support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling convenient wireless connection. Dangbei Mars Pro and XGIMI Aura are both equipped with HDMI interfaces and USB interfaces, but XGIMI Aura has one more HDMI interface and one more USB interface. However, two USB and two HDMI interfaces can satisfy the regular needs of external connections.


Dangbei Mars Pro is better in terms of brightness, screen size, memory, and portability, while XGIMI Aura is better has a shorter throw and longer lamp life. In consideration of the price, Dangbei Mars Pro seems to be a good choice.

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    It seems that the short throw projector can’t project a large image. I prefer large screen

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