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Best Star Projector

Best Star Projector Comparison Review: Blisslights Sky Lite vs Galaxy Cove vs Hype Lights

An in-depth look and review of each best selling laser star projector on the market for purchase right now, including Blisslights Sky Lite and Galaxy

Blisslights skyLite 2.0

STAR PROJECTOR Light: Setup and Review

This is a video about star projector light, you can watch the video and get the setup and review of Blisslights skyLite 2.0 projector. Video

DLP Projectors News

Epson New Release: Epson 880X 3LCD Projector

Recently, Epson released a new projector for commercial use: 880X Smart Portable Projector. The 880X Smart Portable Projector is positioned for commercial use, which projects


Dark Skys DS1 Home Planetarium Star Projector REVIEW

Introducing the Dark Skys DS1 Home Planetarium, the new KING of Galaxy Star Projectors. For all those who are looking for a sense of realism


New 2021 VAVA Chroma Triple Laser 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector

VAVA Chroma is a new Triple laser 4K projector from VAVA, which features 2500 ANSI lumens, 4K standard resolution, and a short-throw of 0.233:1. This

4K Projectors Buying Guide

What’s the Difference Between VAVA Chroma and VAVA Original?

As a new release, VAVA Chroma is hot recently. Many potential buyers want to know the upgrades and new technologies of VAVA Chroma. Today, we

xgimi 3d glasses
Tech Tips

How to use xgimi 3d glasses to watch 3D movies

How to use xgimi 3d glasses to watch 3D movies,To use 3D glasses, the first press would turn it on, the second press would adjust the image quality

XGIMI Projector and remote control pairing method
Tech Tips

XGIMI Projector and remote control pairing method

How to pair the Xgimi Projector with the remote control?1.Place the remote control within 10 cm of the the “return” and “home”

Projector Reviews

Dangbe C2 Projector Review, Mini and Portable

Dangbe C2 projector review, the overall plus point is quite a lot, mobile and portable is the obvious advantage.

Buying Guide

Projector vs TV: which is better?

Which is better, a projector or a TV? You can find out by analyzing the pros and cons of projectors and TVs.


XGIMI Elfin Smart LED Projector Unboxing

This video will show you how XGIMI Elfin Smart LED Projector is packaged and what the package includes. In addition, you can learn the essential


Epson 4010 Home Cinema Projector in 2021

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is the latest in Epson’s line of 4K-compliant projectors featuring new algorithms and advanced processing technologies to deliver impressive “4K


Wanbo X1 720P LCD Projector Review

0:00 Introduction1:15 Hardware Tour2:12 Included Accessories2:39 Projection Sizes3:11 Image & Colours Quality3:54 Text & Corner Sharpness4:19 Navigation Panel Demo5:34 Built-in Media Player, Speaker & Fan


Dangbei X3 Laser Projector Picture Quality Test

Dangbei X3 Ultra bright laser projector features 3200 ANSI in terms of brightness. Enjoy the theater-level laser giant screen technology at home. Compared with the

Xiaomi WANBO X1 LCD Projector REVIEW
LCD Projectors Projector Reviews

Xiaomi WANBO X1 LCD Projector REVIEW

Wanbo X1 Projector has 720p native resolution, but when you connect it to another device, in my case, it was a laptop, we see 1080P 60Hz resolution.

Projector Reviews

BYINTEK SKY K9 Projector Review

BYINTEK SKY K9 Projector Review,720P resolution and FullHD support HD movies and video files with high-quality and vivid pictures.

Buying Guide Projector Screens

3 core parameters of projector screen

The three core parameters for purchasing a projector screen are screen gain, viewing angle, and color reproduction.

Wemax 4K laser projector C700
4K Projectors Laser Projectors

Wemax 4K laser projector C700 9,000 ANSI high-end projector

Wemax 4K laser projector C700 Review 9,000 ANSI high-end projector,This is a product with a really high price