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Nebula projector
Tech Tips

What to Do if Nebula Projector Can’t Recognize USB Drive or File?

Nebula projectors can play videos stored on a USB flash drive with FAT32 format. If your USB flash drive fails to play videos, you can

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What to Do If No Signal when Connecting Projector with VGA Cable?

If your projector image indicates “No signal” with a blue screen when connected with a PC, you can try the following solution. This article will


The Best Smart Projectors|Most Powerful 1080p Projector

This is a list for the best smart projectors, which are the most powerful 1080P projectors. Watch and see which one you like. These smart

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How to Clean Projector Case?

There will be dust or dirt accumulating on the projector case after long-term use. The dust or dirt may affect the operation of the projector

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What Kind of HDMI Cable is Compatible with 4K HDR?

4K and HDR are different standards, but they both deliver a quality image for projector image. 4K HDR means that your projector supports both two

Fengmi R1

Projector Unboxing|Fengmi R1 UST Laser Projector

The Fengmi R1 is a new laser projector from Formovie. The 1080p projector features Dolby Audio, 3,000:1 contrast ratio, and a peak brightness of 1,600

Top 5 Best 4k Projector for daytime

5 Best 4k Projector Suitable for The Daytime| Best Projectors 2021

The projectors with high brightness and high resolution can deliver a clear image even during the daytime. Here is a list of the best 4k


Top 5 Best Short Throw Projector 2021

Getting a short throw projector means that you can have a big screen experience with a small room. Here is a list of Top 5

3Stone Projector Review

3Stone A3 Projector Review|Mini projector Suit for iPhone

In this video, the author reviewed the 3Stone A3 Projector. It is everything you would expect from a projector but under $100. The appearance, audio,

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How to Update System of Your XGIMI HORIZON Pro?

System update can bring more features and functions for uses. So, how to update the system of XGIMI HORIZON Pro? XGIMI HORIZON Pro will send

Epson PowerLite 97H

How to Replace Epson Light Bulb or Lamp|Epson PowerLite 97H

This video shows you that how to replace a projector lamp on the Epson PowerLite 97H. It is a very simple process and only involves

Best Mini Projector for iPhone

Best Mini Projector For iPhone 2021

The TechMag listed the Best Mini Projector for iPhone and Android 2021 according to different uses and using scenarios. Here are the lists. ► Best

Tech Tips

What to Do if Your XGIMI H2 Screen Image is Yellow?

Some XGIMI H2 users say that their screen image gets red or yellow. Today, I will introduce a solution to this problem. You can check

tripod projector screen

Portable Tripod Projector Screen For Outdoor Use

These Portable Tripod Projector Screen are Amazing for watching Movies Indoor or Outdoors.


Star Projector Light: GALAXY Projector Review

Here is a projectore review video about GALAXY Projector. Use star projector light and make your room into a space. Video Author:Lavinia Rusanda

Projector Reviews

Epson EF-12 vs JMGO J10 Projector Review: Which One Wins?

Epson EF-12 and JMGO J10 are home projectors with similar price tags, but they are different in terms of display technology and light source. Which

Best Star Projector

Best Star Projector Comparison Review: Blisslights Sky Lite vs Galaxy Cove vs Hype Lights

An in-depth look and review of each best selling laser star projector on the market for purchase right now, including Blisslights Sky Lite and Galaxy

Blisslights skyLite 2.0

STAR PROJECTOR Light: Setup and Review

This is a video about star projector light, you can watch the video and get the setup and review of Blisslights skyLite 2.0 projector. Video

DLP Projectors News

Epson New Release: Epson 880X 3LCD Projector

Recently, Epson released a new projector for commercial use: 880X Smart Portable Projector. The 880X Smart Portable Projector is positioned for commercial use, which projects


Dark Skys DS1 Home Planetarium Star Projector REVIEW

Introducing the Dark Skys DS1 Home Planetarium, the new KING of Galaxy Star Projectors. For all those who are looking for a sense of realism