Epson EF-12 and JMGO J10 are home projectors with similar price tags, but they are different in terms of display technology and light source. Which projector is better? Here’s the comparison between Epson EF-12 and JMGO J10.


In terms of body size, the Epson EF-12 is smaller and has a more angular and futuristic design, while the JMGO J10 has a more rounded, silver-gray metal body.

The two models differ from projector lens position. JMGO J10 lens is on the right, but Epson EF-12 lens is at the left lower position. The focus module position is also contrary. JMGO J10 has TOF laser lens, supporting non-inductive autofocus, which is faster and more accurate. 

The Epson EF-12 has logos and function buttons on the top, while the JMGO J10 is simpler and has a 2.5-d glass-covered top cover. The ring in the middle is the projector’s indicator light, and the four holes in the ring are the microphone array to assist the remote voice function. 

The Epson EF-12 has two HDMI ports, one USB2.0 port, one Type C port, one audio port, and a power port. The air inlet is also there.

For the bottom of two projectors, Epson EF-12 is labeled as equipment information and equipped with a hole for ceiling. The Epson EF-12 also has a foot holder that elevates the projection lens, making the image taller. 

Image Quality

The Epson EF-12 uses a 3LCD display technology with a laser light source at 1200 lumens, while the JMGO J10 uses a DLP display technology with an LED light source at 2400ANSI lumens. In terms of resolution, both are true 1080P.

Based on the comparison, we can see that Epson EF-12 relatively remains true to the original image, the overall color is close to the original picture, while JMGO J10 has a bluish picture, making the yellow-green plants in the original picture become emerald green.  But the image of Epson tends to be red in the upper left cloud.

System Comparison

In terms of processor, JMGO J10’s MTK9669 is a bit more powerful. 

For the operating system, Epson EF-12 uses Tencent Aurora TV operating system, while JMGO J10 uses JMGO operating system. The overall interface and UI are arranged in a waterfall style, and the layout is very similar. However, JMGO J10 has two themes for switching, while Epson EF-12 does not. 


1. The brightness of Epson EF-12 and JMGO J10 is very similar, although the numerical difference is large; 

2. The Epson EF-12 image tends to be red, and the JMGO J10 image is bluish; 

3. The Epson EF-12 is smaller, the JMGO J10 is sleeker;  4. JMGO J10 is better than Epson EF-12 in system configuration.

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