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BenQ GV30 Portable Projector Review

Any electronic device can only be called portable, if it works off a wall adapter. The BenQ GV30 is barely as big as a bluetooth


Yaber V10 Projector Full Review

This video will go over the features of the Yaber V10 projector and show you how it performs in different lighting condition. Video Author: DIY


Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Review: Android TV, Chromecast & Great design!

This is a review of Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2. The new version of the mighty Xiaomi Smart Projector 2: Chromecast, Android TV, licensed Netflix


10 Best Budget Projectors in Amazon

The author bought and tested Amazon’s top 10 inexpensive LED projectors under $100 to figure out which one of them is the best. Best Projectors

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How to Use Amplifier By XGIMI Elfin?

XGIMI Elfin supports amplifier. You can do as follows to use amplifier by means of your XGIMI Elfin. The projector offers two HDMI ports for

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JMGO J10 VS Dangbei X3: which is better for you?

JMGO J10 and Dangbei X3 are flagship home projectors with similar market position and close price tag. Many readers want to know which is better?

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What to Do If You Forgot Password of Your Epson Projector?

This article will give you some solutions if you forgot the password of your Epson projector. If you can’t remember a password, try the following

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What is CRT?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, one of mainstream techniques used in projector area. Nowadays, there are three technologies in terms of projection technology, including

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What are lumens or ANSI lumens

Lumen are an important parameter when we pick projectors. So, what are lumens?They are the measurement of brightness or light out of projector. Exactly, the



The NEW VAVA CHROMA is hot recently! Check out this brief reveal video of the latest Triple Laser 4K Projector from VAVA. This is a


Wimius K1 Review & Buyers Guide!Are budget Amazon 1080p projectors any good?

It’s pretty amazing to think you can get a native 1080p projector on Amazon for only around £200. But is it all too good to


Verratek Lumavision Projector Review

The Verratek LumaVision Projector is an affordable value packed sub-$150 projector that offers you native 720p resolution, with features and picture quality that exceeds its


JMGO O1 Review: Best Budget UST HD Projector, BUT With Big Problems

The JMGO O1 ultra-short-throw projector offers the lowest priced HD option around – but with some massive shortcomings. Video Author: MUO


Kotha Full HD Projector lo PS5 Gaming & Unboxing in Telugu

Best Budget Full HD LED LCD Projector 2021 Unboxing in Telugu | Best Budget Projector for Home unboxing & Review 2021 India in Telugu |

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Dangbei C2 vs Xming Q1: Which is Better?

Dangbei C2 is frequently compared with Xming Q1 because of their similar market position and close price. So, which one is better? Let’s firstly see

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How to Watch Netflix on JMGO O1 Series?

Netflix is a common multimedia platform. Many people wonder that how to watch Netflix on JMGO O1 Series. Do JMGO O1 Series support Netfilx?  


Flashlight Video Projector Tutorial For ANY PHONE 2021

The video gives a tutorial of Flashlight Video Projector for any phone. This flashlight video projector is awesome, it works on any device both ios


BenQ V7050i 4K UST Laser Projector Review

This is a review video of BenQ V7050i 4K UST Laser Projector. See just how well it performs using a 100″ Elite Screen CLR screen.


How to make a projector? using a shoebox?

This is a video telling you how to make a projector with your discarded shoebox. Turn an old shoebox and some office supplies into a


How to make a projector screen?

This is a video of DIY screen, which tell you how to make a screen by yourself. Most of the material can be found in